Teens Bred For The First Time

Teens Bred For The First Time

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Sure, it takes more time to find fresh meat, but its totally worth it. I guess a lot of people are in a hurry, so they call over some used up, washed out tramp whos been hooking for 5 years and understates their age by a decade, using a 15 year old photo. I keep a keen eye out for the newbies: You need to know the days and times they are most likely to think about whoring themselves out, and then you need to verify, verify, verify. Nine times out of ten youre not going to get the prize. Its just a fact of life. However, after all that work and disappointment, you finally find a for real new whore (or someone you can turn into a whore). Its a fun game, and the game culminates in that amazing sensation of being the first person to dump a warm load of semen deep inside these teenagers buttholes. Sure, you might over time forget about it, but they never will. My tool for making sure I never forget is that I capture all of these first time teen hookers on hidden camera. Its nice, because afterward I can see every expression on their face as Im stretching their hole open, pounding faster, and finally breeding the little sluts. They deserve the money, but at the same time they deserve to be treated like the boy whores that they are. One thing is for sure, they always leave the house or hotel room still feeling the ooze of my daddy jizz lining their fuck holes!

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