Get In Deep

Get In Deep

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Though his workspace is a little unconventional, Roman Eros knows what he`s doing with his hands, and when client Spencer Laval tells him to get in deep, he has no idea what he`s in for. Ryker Fox insists on showing himself to Dante Martin, modeling different parts and making him feel the muscles. Dante likes what he sees, but doesn`t let on until he senses Ryker`s dick getting hard inside his shorts. One thing is definitely getting bigger, he says with a laugh. With no parents around to bother them, step-brothers Justin Matthews and Ricky Ridges have all the time they need to indulge in their favorite shared activity. Justin waits for moments like these, when he can finally have a taste of Ricky`s sweet cock once again. After bullying his older brother, Johnny B`s gonna have to pay. Justin Matthews and James Sinner have something in mind to teach him a lesson, and it starts in the bedroom. They strip him of his clothes, then shove their cocks into his mouth, barely giving him time to breathe between the two.

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