Gen Z Boys In Heat

Gen Z Boys In Heat

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The younger men sure are a lot more open minded nowadays than they used to be! A lot of sexy 18 and 19 year olds will think nothing of it to drop their drawers and try new things, especially if they can get something out of it. Pop culture as well has legitimized the whole idea of a sugar daddy, and that helps tremendously when trying to get into a guys pants. Always eager to please, Clays stable of boys just keeps getting better and better at working a dick. In these homemade videos, Clay showcases some of his latest finds, including teen heartthrob Dakota Lovell. Still living with his mom, but in need of some extra special attention, Clay bangs away at his boyhole while he displays his raging massive boner.In addition to the freshest guy on the block, Clay messes around with Hugh, Mikey, and Ray each of these guys are straight but go straight down on Daddys cock as soon as the bedroom door is closed. They aim to please, and they sure do! Clay creampies his way through it all, breeding these teens with just the right amount of tenderness. Check out how fucking horny these Gen Z guys are! Its insane!

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