Decimated Teen Holes

Decimated Teen Holes

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The nice thing about the fresh young adults, ages 18 and 19, is that they are still somewhat pliable. Even if they have erred and strayed from the correct path, they may be gently led back. Or, in the case of these total dumbshits, they may be dragged back to civil society the hard way. One thing is for sure: Once a teen has had his hole blown out for making poor choices, he seems to make better choices going forward.At the Halfway House we like to nip problems in the bud, and that usually means fucking, breeding, and cum-feeding these boys into submission. Alone or in groups it doesnt matter as long as they get the message. The tender young souls might not enjoy it much, but at least our House Managers do! Whats not to like about a tender young mouth enveloping your dick, or fucking the living daylights out of a sexy young virgin hole?

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